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Arlette is my first 2019 custom Blythe girl, a true Blue Butterfly Blythe.

My inspiration for her was based on an amazing tune by Magic Numbers, All I Believe In {try YouTube, if you'd like to hear it}.

Her beautiful soul and her angel heart, together with galaxies of sparkly stars in her enchanting eyes will brighten up the darkest of nights.

She's a little keeper of secrets, and will always protect her owner's secrets as well as her own ones.

The base doll was a Prima Dolly Ashlette Blythe and she went through the following customisations:

- realistic carving of lips with wrinkles, round little nose, nostrills, philtrum 
- natural looking face-up with freckles and realistic eyebrows, sealed in layers with Mr. Super Clear UV matt, final top layer is a satin finish for a realitic glow
- hand painted eyelids, shimmer and glitter powders, new long eye lashes
- all eye mechanism customisations done including sleep-eyes
- two separate pull charms for sleep-eyes option
- three pairs of my signature eye chips (1 front: fantasy midnight sky; 2 front: realistic green with pink; right side: Swarowski crystals in emerald), one pair Puppelina's (left light grey-blue)
- signed, dated and sealed on the back plate

Arlette's facial expression is very special. It is mostly neutral but depending on the angle of view and the play of light and shade, it changes from shy and thoughtful all the way to spellbound and sometimes even a bit gloomy. Her sweet little character is truly out of the ordinary.
Arlette's hair is a beautiful soft alpaca reroot by Navy Blue Navel, in midnight blue shade with a hue variation from dark grey-blue to deep sapphire blue.
She is on a Licca body (can be changed to original one or Azone).

Arlette will arrive in a unique outfit that I made for her, consisting of:  pink teddy headband with dark blue butterfly, white, pink and blue floral dress with black detailing (lace, ribbons, bead-buttons, all in black), she wears black net over-knee hights and black sandals, as on photos.

Arlette is a handmade art doll and is intended for a doll collector. 

Her uniqueness makes her a true one of a kind doll which can only be created once and therefore is not reproducible.

I've created her with hours of dedication and all of my love. 

Note that colours displayed by computer/tablet/smart phone screens may vary slightly from the reality, and therefore please keep this in mind. The doll was photographed in various light/shade conditions to help show the colours more truly, the photographs were not enhanced with filters or pre-sets.

I accept layaways (payments over several months) - please contact me for details:
For shipping - I use International Royal Mail Signed for and tracked where possible; Next Day Special Delivery within UK.
Courier/EMS type of shipping is available upon request.

Returns are not accepted, but please do contact me in case of any issues.

I'll be happy to hear from you, if you have any questions:

Thank you!

Arlette is RESERVED 

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