For the love of art dolls

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog, dear dolly friends.

After a longer break, I have decided to start a dolly blog once again, where I plan to keep you posted on all the goings on in my studio and all other dolly topics, which I hope you will enjoy and find inspiring.

Even though the social media world is a huge universe of information, there are quite a few of us who follow only certain platforms and not the others, which is more than understandable. I, too, struggle to keep up with all my #bluebutterflydolls online places sometimes, which is another good reason to start a blog where I can post news regularly and keep this place as the main source of info for you all - my collectors, fans, followers and friends.

The Newsletter

Another great way for you to get news about my upcoming custom Blythe dolls, ball jointed dolls or any other available dolls directly to your inbox is by subscribing to my newsletter - which you can do from my website . Please remember to opt-in to receive updates. From time to time, I may surprise you with a discount coupon or some other reward.

Last but not least, thank you for all your support - whether it’s your lovely messages, adopting my dolls, comments and likes on my Instagram, Facebook or Flickr posts - all is incredibly important to me and truly appreciated.


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