Luna and Blue

In my previous post, I introduced Blue, the tiny moon sprite, and mentioned a little bit of the background story - about the creation of this new doll, which was connected with the sculpting of Luna, a doll that I started working on about a year ago. Today, I would like to finally introduce Luna, the little moth pixie.

The inspiration behind the creation of luna is connected with my love of butterflies and moths - and especially with Actias Luna being the most beautiful of all moths (in my opinion) and my favourite. For quite a long time, I was playing with the idea of making a doll that would somehow embody the fragile and unique beauty of Luna Moth. Even though I had a vision, it took me a while to actually gather the courage, pick up the tools and get to work on her.

Luna is a timid being, usually rather fearful and quiet but at the same time she has a soft and beautiful personality. Her existence has been intertwined with Blue from the very beginning of her creation - without her, there would be no Blue and at the same time - without Blue - there would be no Luna as I couldn't finish her until her companion was finally done. Blue is Luna's best buddy, the peaceful pale blue glow in the darkest of nights that always comforts her.

Last but not least, I'm planning to open the pre-order for both Luna & Blue in just a few days -

on 30th April 2021, from my website.

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