New BJD Sculpts

It is an exciting moment when I can share news about my latest creations, even more so now, when after a few years‘ break, I‘m ready to introduce two new sculpts. In this post, I will start with Blue, who is neither a fairy nor a pixie but rather a special little one.

About a year ago, I started working on a new ball jointed doll, which later became Luna, but as it happens, I got stuck on that sculpt and couldn’t make my mind up about her expression and so I decided to put her away for a while and try something new in the meantime. And that something new turned out to be Blue, Luna’s best buddy, someone that is always there for her, the pale blue light in the night sky.

If it doesn’t quite make sense, just bear with me until my next post, where I will introduce Luna. I promise, it will all become clear then.

While I was finishing the second sculpt, I started thinking of a nice name for this baby moon, and while it sounds easy enough, sometimes I find the choosing of a doll’s name more tricky than making the actual doll. And so for a while I simply couldn’t think of a name that would be the right one, until one evening, when something unusual and quite amazing caught my attention in the news - we were expecting the rise of a Blue Moon here in England, at the end of October 2020. This rare event solved it for me, there couldn’t be a better name that I could think of. And so ‘Blue’ it was.

Once Blue was finished and had a name, I was able to finalise Luna and all her details, but that’s another story which I will share with you, together with the information about their upcoming release in my next post, soon. Yes, I’m planning to offer these two friends both at the same time via a pre-order in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted, dear dolly friends, so stay tuned!

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