*Layaway* option is a reservation payment - if you wish to purchase your doll via a layaway.

1) Add correct option to your basket, check out.

2) One month later, you will receive an invoice into your paypal with the remainder amount, which will be due within 2 months.

This invoice can be paid in full on the date of receipt or in 2 partial payments: first one on the date of receipt, second payment - one month later.


Note: Only one invoice will be sent per customer - if you purchase more than one doll via layaway, your invoice will include both dolls.


The reservation is the 1st layaway payment and is non-refundable. 


The doll will be shipped once the invoice is paid off in full.


For pricing, details and photos  please check the original listings of dolls. 


Any questions, please message me.


Thank you!