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My Story

   Creating Unique Dolls since 2012   

Me, myself and I 

Hello and welcome to my world, full of magical little beings that originate in my imagination and are brought to existence in my studio, in the heart of a gorgeous green island called Great Britain. 


My name is Bea, and ever since I remember, I've always been in love with the unusual, out of the ordinary, quirky and beautiful things of this world. 

I believe in Walt Disney's words "If you can dream it, you can do it." Dreams are the most important things we have...



Dolls, dolls, dolls 

My art doll journey started in 2012 with Fenix, my first dolly creation - a ball jointed doll, followed by customising of a Blythe, a retro doll with mechanical eyes popular among Blythe collectors worldwide.


A lot of dedication and love is poured into the creation of my collectible dolls, each one of these little pixies carries a small piece of my soul with her.

Thank you for loving my work and for supporting me.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

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