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  • Quartz


    Q U A R T Z

    One of a kind, customised Blythe doll.


    All photos were taken in natural daylight, no filter or studio lighting used.



    All usual customisations done, including:

    * realistic open mouth carving

    * upper and lover teeth

    * realistic nose carving
    * sleep eyes with two pull charms

    * eye lid art

    * all sealed with MSC UV 
    * 4 pairs of new eye chips
    * Base doll is Takara Blythe Ashley's Secret
    * New body Obitsu 22S

    * three extra pairs of hands with different expressions
    * Original scalp from Cadence Majorette, customised

    * Signed and dated on the back plate
    * Included: doll, one of a kind outfit: dress, mohair butterfly helmet, made by me, long socks, sandals, some stock, stand, plus some extras as always ...
    OOAK pull charms with natural gemstones - angel aura quartz, clear quartz beads and glass beads.


    LAYAWAY is available, please message me for details.


    Please email me questions through the website or directly to:


    *Shipping is free from UK
    *Returns not accepted.


    Thank you!

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