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  • Tourmaline


    T O U R M A L I N E


    One of a kind, customised Blythe Marrakech Melange.



    All usual customisations done, including:

    * realistic closed mouth carving

    * realistic nose carving
    * sleep eyes with two pull charms

    * eye lid art

    * all sealed with MSC UV 
    * 4 pairs of new eye chips
    * Base doll is Takara Blythe Marrakech Melange
    * New body Obitsu 22S

    * three pairs of hands with different gestures
    * Original scalp in teal shade, the colour of indicolite tourmaline 

    * Signed and dated on the back plate
    * Included: doll, one of a kind outfit: dress, mohair butterfly helmet, made by me, socks, sandals, original stock, stand, plus some extras as always ...
    OOAK pull charms with crystals and gemstones, crystal beads and glass beads.

    All photos were taken in natural daylight, no filter or studio lighting used.


    LAYAWAY options is possible, please message me for details.


    Please email me questions through the website or directly to:


    *Shipping is free from UK
    *Returns not accepted.


    Thank you!

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